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Overlay Messages on Page 1 of The Tempest

In this post, I show how the first page of The Tempest can be imagined as the mast, yardarm, and topsail of a ship. When imagined in this way, some of the lines of the script can be seen as instructions to overlay the page on itself to rev...eal messages. These are some of the first overlay messages I found.

The first image is the entire page, with my markings showing how it looks like a mast, yardarm, and sail. Also shown is a "hang'd hog is he" message. The next image overlays the top of the page onto the bottom of the page using the instruction line--

"down with the top-Mast: yare, lower, lower,

bring her to Try with Maine-course..."

This overlay reveals BACON as a solution to the "hang'd hog is he" message.

The final overlay is uses a different part of the script, but the end result is surprisingly similar. I highlighted some of the overlay clues--"Good Speak", and "bring her to Try." A triangle and ankh are known to be symbols of the Rosicrucians.

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